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What is adult entertainment?

When I tell my friends that I work in the adult entertainment industry, some of them look at me funny. They often ask me what it means. The first thing I do is to explain that I work for Stansted escorts and then I go on to explain what we do. So many people think that escorts are sex workers but that is not true. Just because you work for an escorts service it does not mean that you are involved in prostitution. Gents visit our service for all sorts of reason and we even attend a lot of business functions. But adult entertainment can be other things as well.


entertainment time with stansted escorts 


One of the girls that I used to work with at Stansted escorts left to work in Soho as a striptease dancer. Daniella had trained to be a striptease dancer in London in her spare-time and now she wanted to do something with it. She joined a club in Soho and now she strips for a living. It is rather a lot of hard work and she always have to work at night, but she gets a kick out of her job. What Daniella does for a living can only be described as adult entertainment and she gets a real kick out of it.


Another one of the girls at Stansted escorts works part-time as a glamour model. She absolutely stunning and has one of the best figures that I have ever seen. Angela used to do a bit of modeling before she joined the agency. She does actually love modelling but knew that she wanted to make something a little bit more out of her life. To be honest, I know that she was not really earning enough to just to glamour modeling, but glamour modeling is another form of adult entertainment.


Many of the gents who visit me at Stansted escorts are really into porn movies. We may just think of them as porn but in fact many of them are indeed adult entertainment. Personally I am not that much into porn movies, but some of the better made ones can really turn me on. I don’t watch a lot of pornos as home but sometimes I do watch one or two with one of my gents. Not all gents like to watch porn movies on their own. I totally get that and one of life’s little pleasure is to share an experience with somebody else.


Is adult entertainment a bad thing? I don’t think it is but a lot of people. There is some excellent quality adult entertainment out there and we should not ignore that. I am sure that there are a lot of people who get turned on by adult entertainment and other that don’t. Like I say, if you don’t like it, you can always switch off that video or put down the magazines, But, Fifty Shades of Grey was one of the best selling books of all time and it is worth remembering that next time you say adult entertainment.